My Book!

If you find this blog interesting, I wrote a book on how to do Network Science and Social Network Analysis using Python. You can get it here.

I wrote this book intentionally to show how to do this using Python, rather than a graph database or standalone software such as Gephi or Pajek. There is a lot of flexibility when you are able to do things via code, and I wanted to show people how to do that.

Also, if you start learning Network Science by using a graph database, then you are trying to learn three things at the same time:

  • Network Science / Social Network Analysis

  • How to get data into the dang database

  • How to query the dang database (it's not SQL)

In my opinion, it is simplest to start by learning fundamentals, and then move on to a database, if you even need a database. I have seen too many people get stuck in their learning at the graph database, and I wrote my book to help you avoid that, and to reduce the need for that dependency.

If you enjoy this blog or my LinkedIn posts, you will likely enjoy my book. I have put a lot of my personality and tone into my writing. 

I hope you'll enjoy my book, and I'd appreciate an Amazon review if you pick up a copy. It helps others find the book, which will help others learn.

And please feel free to show me anything cool you build or discover using these techniques! I always enjoy seeing what people are doing with networks and graphs.

Thank you!