Book Giveaways!

ACT FAST: Submissions due by September 30, 2023!

I am going to give away five copies of my book in digital and physical format. 

  • Winners who live in the United States can receive either a signed physical copy (or unsigned) if they don't mind waiting a few days, or they can immediately receive a digital copy. I already have the digital copies ready for winners.

  • Winners who live outside the United States can receive a digital copy.

Hew is how to participate:

  1. Find a topic of interest. For today's post, the topic of interest was "wilco".

  2. Use the crawler from day 5 to create a network edgelist. Limit iteration to 3-4. Beyond that, if you are a beginner, it will be overwhelming. But I do encourage people to be bold in their learning.

  3. Do network analysis like I did today. You can use today's Jupyter notebook as a template.

  4. Create an "Insights Document" that has your findings. Use my blog posts for inspiration. You want to show some Whole Network Analysis findings, identify important nodes using Page Rank or Centralities, and look at a few ego networks. If community detection is difficult, skip it for now!

  5. Message me the insights document on LinkedIn. I need to see your work and the insights you discovered. A Google document is easiest!

You don't have to be too thorough. Just do what you can. If you know nothing, then building a graph and finding important nodes is enough! If you know your way around networks, then push a bit further and show me what you can do!

I will accept submissions until September 30, 2023!

I will take all acceptable submissions and add them to a raffle. I will call out the winners on October 1!

And if you make your own LinkedIn post and tag #100daysofnetworks, I will add your name TWICE!

If a submission is not complete enough, I will ask for a bit more. I will try not to do that. Do the work, and you'll have a shot to win. Do the work.